The starting point Nov 2012



Front end off, frame widened and boxed, LS Engine and 4L60E Trans installed

Inside view of trans. Floor boards bolt in and were removed prior to instal. Slight mods necessary.


Floor boards back in and modified. Still all bolt-in. Brake pedal moved and new gas pedal installed.


Firewall work done. Valve covers on with coil packs, March serpentine accessory system with A/C & alternator.

Steering modified and re-installed using stock steering wheel and column.


Chassis wiring in, LS wiring harness in, shifter installed, floors and firewall insulated.


ECU (computer) tucked inside the vehicle and lots of wiring.

Engine harness installed, fuel rail covers on, just needed two wiring harnesses to be interconnected and accessories hooked up.

Drivers side view. New radiator on the way.


End of January pictures. Still waiting for radiator, interior and guages in, new back seat cover.

Trunk with Audio and Amplifier, plus battery and battery kill switch.


April 2013: Finished "Rat-Rod" product. Running great, lots of power, A/C, heat, stereo with MPEG and I-Phone jacks all working, ready to head to Kentucky for LS Fest.


New interior and original style front grill for 2015