Santa Rosa Resto-Rods  "Your Car Built Better Than New"

Front drivers side view


Finished passenger side view from rear

Seat moved forward yields enough room to get into backseat, which was narrowed 2 inches.


Front seat moved back 4 inches to accomodate tilt column steering


Interior complete with floor mats too.

Engine Complete and broken in.

I thought I was done. Car rides and handles great with lots of power. But a stroker motor I built years ago has become available, and will go into this car. I will need to upgrade the fuel system, stronger rear end, install hydraboost braking system, and make a long water pump engine fit. Photos to follow.


New fuel tank (approx 24 gallons) with new high flow fuel pump and all hardlined. Spare tire well was removed.

New 8.5 inch 10 bolt posi rear end. New axles, bearing, etc. Good for 800hp.


Stroker 383 installed. March pulley system, CPP Hydraboost power brakes. Air intake is from passenger side vent intake behind and around right headlamp. Cam is Comp Muther Thumper.