Santa Rosa Resto-Rods is dedicated to the preservation of classic vehicles. Modifications to produce a daily driver, a hot-rod, or a fun weekend ride are our specialities. We offer minor modifications to a full blown restoration, stock or modified.





Owner Participation is Encouraged


Santa Rosa Resto-Rods encourages owner involvement in the restoration process. We offer consultation services to the owner who completes most of his work in his garage with our help to a complete restoration through our network of referrals. How much and how far is your choice.







Santa Rosa Resto-Rods offers to the home builder the expertise in restoration that is found at top end restoration shops at a much more affordable price. It is our belief that most classic car owners want to be involved in the rebuilding of their vehicle as much as their skill level allows. It is our goal to expand the skill level of the owner so that he or she is totally involved in the restoration process.


1954 Chevy Pickup one

year later

1954 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup

upon arrival



Hot Rodding a rather undesirable vehicle


Nice Daily Driver restoration

Stock Restoration

Santa Rosa Resto-Rods

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